After major catastrophes, the Sun disappears from dirty clouds. Plants and all living things begin to perish. In this dystopia, where humanity has come to an agonizing end and cannibalism begins, a man sets off with his son to a place where he believes there is still life.


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There is an epidemic that started in Moscow and spread all over Russia in a short time, and the whole country is dragged into chaos. People start killing each other for food or shelter. It is about the struggle to survive against an epidemic that will bring the end of the human race. IMDb: 7.3

🎬 We're the Millers ⭐IMDB: 7 ⏰Time: 1 hour 58 minutes 🏷Genre: Comedy/Crime 📅Year of Construction: 2013 🎭Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber 💥Actor: Jennifer Aniston,Will Poulter,Jason Sudeikis,Emma Roberts

2.01.2022 Paz 16:05 🎬Movie: La meglio gioventu (2013) When the two realize that there is nothing to be done for the young girl, they begin to question justice and this becomes a turning point for them. Deciding to become a hippie, Nicola studies psychology to help people like Giorgia. IMDb 8.5. K.S.