Ultimately humanity is innately religious. Among all peoples throughout history, life has been governed by higher and absolute principles, directed to a higher and absolute End. Religion, directly or indirectly, has ultimately been the source of all the progress and advancements that have brought the peoples from a barbaric and uncivilized age to the knowledge and glory of modern society. Even the Enlightenment was ultimately sprung from Religion, in particular that universal Religion which in recent times has become the despised target of vicious and hateful men, who constantly strain and devote themselves to its elimination from public society, and even from the family and private life. Increasingly this Religion, and none other than this Religion, has been increasingly banned from the commercial, artistic and political spheres of the life of Western countries. In its place has risen the most barbarous forms of hatred, superstitious, ignorance, and immorality that one is astounded to see such occur in our supposedly most civilized society. With no higher end or bond of unity or purpose, people begin to idolize their race and ethnicity to the point of wishing the destruction and elimination of other races. And so violence endlessly erupts on every side, while the states of the world vainly try to solve the world's problems through negotiation. Having again no commonly agreed upon end, with each exulting his own philosophy as final solution, nothing is accomplished but each school of thought trying to impose their own ideologies upon their neighbors. All care for loyalty, honor, fidelity, is dropped as hypocrites continuously contradict themselves, with their followers viciously contending for whatever they say at any time, and changing their baseless views with the wind. If this state of affairs, which obviously is only worsening, continues indefinitely, what would be the ultimate end of this superficial civilization but its most complete destruction? All our progress, all our achievements, all our advancements, all our knowledge and technology, torn from the Cause that created them, shall ultimately only bring about their own destruction and that of those who purposelessly yield them. So is all hope lost? Is there no cure for society's disease? The only cure is obviously Religion. Christian Religion, restored in public life and in the political sphere of society, shall not result in a weak, cowardly state that can not accomplish any thing worth while. Rather It will furnish the nation with the purpose, unity, and zeal necessary to form a truly civilized, cultured, and prosperous people! Choose then. For now we approach, nay, have already arrived at a critical choice in history. A choice which shall determine the future of civilization, state, community, and culture. A choice between the weak, undecided secularism which has no values, no absolutes, no ends, which relies only on each individual person's choice that this or that is common sense and standard, a secularism that has no unity, no discipline, no power, no honor, no loyalty, no spirit; or a Religion which has proved itself through countless centuries, not another ideology or philosophy of any man's taste, but the common end and purpose uniting and perfecting all peoples, philosophies, states, and persons, providing them with the absolute foundation and guide which has brought to its followers a sense of honor, discipline, loyalty, zeal, and purpose, which has given to the nation a spirit and culture whose glorious works and illustrious memory shall never fade? Religion, my friends, is the only choice for the reasonable and civilized society. Having its fond historical memory and that of its achievements still in mind, which the countless attacks of pseudo scholars has not yet been able to erase from the conscience of humanity, and seeing its many glorious triumphs over the ever changing attacks leveled at it by hateful and purposeless men, it is obvious that this shall only find its place in society again. The question, however, is not whether Religion shall once again flourish in the public, political, commercial, artistic, and philosophical spheres of civilization. History itself bears witness to this fact, that great empires, let alone weak, superficial ideologies (if I may call something so weak and baseless as secularism an ideology) have never been able to break, suppress nor eliminate such an all-powerful Force. The question is whether the numbed minds of the peoples shall finally wake up from their lethargic sleep, before the shock of their effeminate civilization's collapse forcefully awakens them.