Abortions in vaccine research

Live babies are tortured in vaccine research. Excerpts: Hacking: “In order for the organs to be at ‘optimal viability’, the child needs to be dissected and organs extracted within 5 minutes of delivery. Anaesthetic also cannot be used so as to not change the cellular activity of the organs the researcher wants to obtain.” and: “’Fetal tissue for transplantation must be “harvested” within a few minutes of delivery. Ideally this is by hysterectomy, with the fetus delivered in utero. Drugs which reduce fetal physiological activity need to be avoided. The fetus is therefore in as alive and aware a state as possible when being opened’.” https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/10/20/infanticide-in-creation-of-fetal-cell-line-used-for-covid-vaccine-testing/