AT&T owns the copper phone lines in America. They are cutting access to providers and customers. They are removing an old, reliable, time tested system which operates during power outages and many emergencies. Why? ALL people will be forced to use cellphones AND lose the security of 911 service during crises. But... Why? Social credit? Vaccine tracing? Wetware control system? Perhaps, all 3? Douglass from aim4truth exposed the wetware plan 4 or 5 years ago and how 5G is part of it. A pinpoint antenna focused on YOUR chip. It may be too late, but if you call FCC and enough reps, perhaps we can retain copper lines. Disconnecting yourselves from these cellular phones is essential for the survival of us all. Leave them home, use cash, dump Amazon and other globalist scum selling you out or selling you poisons. We've been apathetic too long. Decisive action en masse is required. A significant number have already submitted to be wetware, but nowhere near the 75% they claim. Although, I know of many who took it, and most had bad effects, I know far more who say they will definitely not. I know several who have been forced out of their jobs. This scary sci-fi is all too real, despite being utterly surreal.