the COSMIC WAR of religious people “We are at war and I am a soldier,” said a young British man, Mohammad Sidique Khan, on a videotape made some hours before he and three other dedicated young activists detonated a series of suicide bombs in the London tube train and a double-decker bus on July 7, 2005.1 In his rambling statement, he admitted that the media would likely portray him as a monster, a terrorist out to harm innocent civilians. But he saw himself differently, as a defender of his community and his faith in a battle that he felt had been going on for some time. Most people in Britain, he said, were unaware of this warfare, though he felt it acutely, and as a result of his actions on that terrible day in 2005, he said, addressing his fellow citizens in England, “now you too will taste the reality of this situation.” It is the RESULT OF A RELIGIOUS EDUCATION; TOTALLY LOBOTOMIZED FANATICS who will do anything if their gurus and the crazy ideas that have been put into their heads COME INTO ACTION HUMAN BEINGS are weak enough, WEAK ENOUGH TO BELIEVE 'the first bullshit they hear' James Aho (This Thing of Darkness): ‘evil grows from the quest to defeat the enemy ... MY VIOLATION OF YOU grows from MY YEARNING TO RECTIFY THE WRONG [...] VIOLENCE EMERGES FROM MY QUEST FOR GOOD’ (1995) THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE RELIGIOUS IN ONE SENTENCE; "A DEPRAVED MANIAC" IN SEARCH 'FOR A DOPAMINE SHOT' #cosmic_war