Mad Hospital and Doctors, Surgeon #foodpoison #hepatitis #Gallbladder #torrance #california I'm in a big trouble. I have been sick after eating Beef Bowl [on] July 9th, food poison like condition, My Prime care Dr. Dan Kahen, LA Care, said it is Hepatitis, after took my blood, urine, and stool test. Dr. gave me prescription to ease my vomiting but non[e] of the medication worked to stop nausea and vomiting. Now I'm at Providence Little Company of Mary, Torrance, and as soon I came here my T-Mobile [stopped] working. It cannot received the phone tower signal anymore. Nurse set up WiFi for me, but it is slow and it is not able to do a VOI, Voice over Internet. Moreover my friends who visited me couldn't enter the hospital because of Covid. I only have liquid diet, and loosing my weight rapidly. Beside soup is so salty and juice is high in corn [syrup,] and hospital's total Nutrition Calories do not add up. One drink alone has 250 but it says total 175 I just had ERCP surgery to remove three Gallstones at this place Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center, Torrance, but now hospital [Surgeon] is saying I need to remove my Gallbladder out. I had blood test every day, but I have [not] seen my test result yet. I also had CT, MRI, and Ultrasounds, but Dr. Sitarman Jyotheeswaran and Surgeon Mother Hill, to my ear it sounds like that, they haven't shown me any of test images at all. I don't know what Surgeon Mother Hill (Marvhz, If he is an Arabian I heard they have [a] lot of H sounds.) Hill [demanded] me to make a decision to have a surgery and live or toxic will build up and I'll die. I asked for Blood test [results] and images, but he said I'm a Surgeon that is not my job. I asked him what exactly [is] his job? Surgeon Mother Hill replied that his job is to take out my Gallbladder. I asked for any Brochure, Catalog, Booklet, Printout that explaining the procedures? He said NO. Use your [smartphone] and find a video for yourself. I told him Hawaii and Japan usually [have] many type of booklets that explaining the procedure so patients can get information in advance. He [gets] very frustrated and shout this is fifth time, I don't have time, are you going to have surgery or not? Decide now! I told him I don't have enough info, show me my test images. He said, go ask your Radiologist. Ok, take me to my radiologist. He [got] very upset and shout at the Nurse and left. What can I do? I can't trust this Surgeon. I [have] never seen such a [short-temper] person and he is like a machine, no compassion at all. I don't have any pain [on] right side of Gallbladder. I have a little pain in left side of my chest, pancreas area.