American Patriots Are SPINELESS COWARDS Change My Mind [hd 720p]

Max Igan explains why American Patriots are spineless cowards. You can't defeat his logic. And sorry Trump supporters, but "trust the plan" is as lame of an excuse for your own lack of balls, as anything a libtard would say. Try again. On BitChute: On Minds: On LBRY / Odysee: On Rumble: On NewTube: On Brighteon: On UGEtube: On Pocketnet: PSEC ON SOCIAL MEDIA -- LBRY / Odysee: BitChute: Minds: Rumble: NewTube: Brighteon: UGEtube: Twatter: FascistBook: ScrewYouTube: Gab: deviantART: Pocketnet: Roxycast:

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