"As US COVID-19 death toll nears 600,000, racial gaps persist" ---The Chinese virus is racist!!!! "The approaching 600,000 mark, .. is about equal to the number of Americans who died of cancer in 2019. And as bad as that is, the true toll is believed to be significantly higher." ---Propaganda. They're comparing a year of cancer deaths to a year and a half of "covid deaths", and the covid death count actually includes what would have been cancer deaths in a normal year. And then they bring in their religion by telling you they "believe" the number is higher. "the virus has proved adept at exploiting inequalities" ---hahahahaha... They're literally anthropomorphizing the virus and giving it motive! "the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that Native Americans, Latinos and Blacks are two to three times more likely than white people to die of COVID-19." ---Sure they do. But I'll refute that with a quote from THIS article. "Black people account for 15% of all COVID-19 deaths where race is known, while Hispanics represent 19%, whites 61% and Asian Americans 4%. Those figures are close to the groups' share of the U.S. population" ---Translation: There is no racial gap, there is no inequality. The numbers are proportional to their share of the population. The places they cite as proof of a "racial gap" all had two things in common that got me thinking. They all have high minority populations and they are all under long-term Democrat control. So I decided to do some research. Sure enough. When you look at the Republican controlled areas where lockdowns and restrictions were minimal or non-existent, the numbers invert. In both cases the numbers are very close to "equality", but on opposite sides. Black and brown people in Republican areas were less likely to die from covid than their share of the population would indicate.