You're friends on Facebook June 3 at 10:24 AM Thu 10:24 AM You sent June 3 at 10:24 AM Narrator: A man gets off a bus in La Paz, Bolivia around 2 AM. The bus stop is right next to the cemetery which has a huge fence around it. It is around 2 AM. The bus is from the 1950s. He looks below at La Paz. Clint: What a beautiful night. I wonder what cafe is open. Wild. I was here just the other week, and the streets were filthy. Look. They have even repainted some of the graphics on the chapel. Walking and wondering at the sights. Clint: Exclamation: THIS is completely wild. I know that building was not here last week. Where am I? Wanders through the cemetery. Clint: This was not here last week. Where are the huge walls surrounding this place? I know this road. It should lead me right to Cafe Caudad. What happened here? A voice is heard: You have fallen. Clint: Fallen? I just got off the bus back there. - Turning Clint points to an open field. His eyes are wide open. Where did the bus go? A voice: You have fallen through time. Clint: Fallen through time? I doubt that. See. - reaching for a cell phone comes up with a wallet. Where did my cellphone go? Voice: You are in the past. Time flows like a river - forward and backward. You can go upstream - or downstream. And you are now stuck in the past. Clint: Well, I am. So this is the past? Any idea why? Voice: What is the last thing you remember? Clint: Stepping off a bus at the corner of the restaurant that is famous for sheep head soup. Voice: You have passed from one world into another past world. Clint: Well, I am lost. So. (Seeing a group in the cemetery.) What is going on there? Only the wind is heard. Clint: Walking through a cemetery at 2 ANIMism in the morning I was a bit freaked out. That and not knowing what year it was made this whole experience weird. Aymara lady: This is the skull of a great Cortez. Aymara translation. Clint: Weird and wild. To hear Aymara in a cemetery? (walking closer to the Aymara lady) Excuse me, what date is today? Aymara lady: Seeing Clint in wild 2020 clothing shrieks and runs away. Clint: Well, I suppose this makes as much sense as anything. (Walking towards the path the Aymara lady ran. She had been there for a while and then just completely disappeared in the dark) Clint: Yelp. (Falls into a grave in the dark) After some time attempting to get out decides to wait for the light of day to figure out what more to do.) Clint: (Awaken hearing a conversation from above the grave.. Still too dark to see anything.) Hello. HELP. I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE. Conversation stops and Clint hears screams and people running away. Clint: Well, I got myself into this and now I need to get out of this. ( Feeling around the grave comes upon what he thinks is huge hand size stones. Piling them up to what he thinks is the edge. He starts an attempt to push dirt and more stones there to build a mound to crawl out of the grave. Going to the other end of the grave, he comes upon the Aymara lady unconscious from falling into the same grave prior to him.) Clint: Hello. (attempting to wake her up) Aymara lady Come to. Sees Clint. Screams (She pushes him away and in a single jump a four foot even lady clears the 9 foot hole and runs away leaving Clint.) Clint: (Goes back to stacking stones only to discover that the stones now had holes in them and he wonders out-load) How on earth are bowling balls in a graveyard? Finally pushing the last of the stones into place, Clint attempts to get out. Crawling out, he reads out load the headstone of the grave he is in. Simon Bolivar July 24, 1783 December 17, 1830, which takes his breath away. Clint: Well, I doubt I am in Bolivia now. If my memory is right. Simon Bolivar died in Columbia. However, that building I can see was something I remember. (Picking up the rock he had assumed was a rock he finds a small skull instead) Laughing. Well, this is not what I was expecting on my vacation. Wandering close to the building, he remembered from 2020. Clint sees a piece of a car. Going over to it. He soon discovers a dead driver. And a passenger who is still alive. Clint: Are you okay? Woman: I think so. We were passing through a tunnel and dropped. Suddenly. Where are we? Clint: I am not sure. Columbia by the graveyard or Bolivia by the building. Maybe we are lost in time. Laughter. Woman: This is not a funny matter, I have to get to my company’s party. I am excited tonight if I do things right and if not. If I don’t get there and have fun. I won’t be promoted. Clint: internal voice Wonder if she would like to arrive a few hundred years early if that will get her promoted. (helping her out of the car) Woman: Where are we again? Clint: Well, I think that is the church in La Paz, Bolivia and that is the cemetery behind it. However, the grave I just crawled out of should be in Columbia. So I am a bit lost myself. Woman: Don’t worry, I have GPS on my phone. It is in the car. (turning around the car is gone and only the body of the driver is left.) Woman: Screams and faints Clint: Well, (picking up the lady and slinging over his shoulders) suppose this is not the weirdest dream I have had. Just then a group of men dressed in uniforms surround Clint and the lady. An officer: (in spanish) Who are you? And where are papers? Clint; Handing him his 2018 passport. Saying in English this should be interesting. Mi llamo Clint. Quiero hablar con ambassador de Estado Endois. Hablarse ingles? Clint and woman are moved from the cemetery to the embassy of England. Which Clint remembers was next to the US embassy but here there is none. In Englishman approaches the police: Conversation hearable but not understandable. Finally Englishman: You may enter Victoria Empire if you will.