I have now created a substack page (https://amythro.substack.com/) as well as my patreon page. I will be continuing to post here on minds for free, but certain content will be made only available behind the paywall. **** Friends within the #Writingcommunity and #gamingcommunity can be given access to my Substack for free. Message me on the Minds Chat, provide your email, and then you will be sent the membership pro-bono. **** Current Projects: 1. Game Manual for the Table Top RPG (beta version available) 2. First single-player campaign for the game (can support a party, and easily modified for use of a Game Master) -- coming soon for friends or behind the paywall. 3. At least 1 weekly short story of either requested or random genre, but always set within the world of Amythro. I will continue posting at least some of these here on minds. 4. The Jab will be a continued minds-only project. I have taken a break from it, but will be starting that back up in July or August depending on my schedule. 5. The first book set in Amythro -- title undecided. The campaign is based on a small section of this story. *** Where are the funds going? editing, artwork, and all other costs associated with getting the products polished and published. *** What's the difference between the patreon and substack subscriptions? Patreon will include the work-in-progress sneak peaks or beta versions Substack will include full digital copies of the published works included in the membership. *** Thank you all for your support, and the community that we have built here! *** Links https://www.patreon.com/amythro https://amythro.substack.com