I have a Challenge for the so called legal and political intellectuals. Prove to me that the government is not a legal fiction. Prove to me that the legal documents signed generations ago still have a legitimate hold over anyone today. Prove to me how such a contract with the people can still be valid when one side has defaulted under the contract. Tell me under who's authority the people are forced to pay tribute to a corporation that is the legal fiction called government. If the Constitution is a legal contract and it has been violated then does that not make the government illigitimate? Tell me why anyone is bound to such a fiction and why no one dare point out such a fiction. Explain to the people and myself how this fiction has been perpetuated upon generations of people and how power has been retained by the families of politicians and the elite. Lastly tell me how natural law which is what the constitution was founded on became an endless book of laws that limit the free citizen yet unbind the criminal and the elite from justice. #all