Super market comedy. MOD: Can you cut that pallet's stack in half? It's way too high. Associate: So not like Siesta Food height pallet? MOD: Exactly. Not like Siesta Food. Associate: You know that's racist. MOD: What is? Associate: To say not to do it like Siesta Food. MOD: Why? Associate: Are you telling me you're some sort of grocery supremacist, that you think we are better than Siesta Food? MOD: What? No! I mean sure, our prices are competitive, sometimes better, but... Associate: That's it, I'm calling HR and reporting your racist and supremacist remarks! MOD: Wait! Look. I know grocery supremacy is inherent in super markets. We even have 'super' in our name. I know this may not alleviate a century of institutionalized grocery racism, but, how about we keep the pallet stacked the way it is, and forget I ever said anything? Associate: Well, I guess I could let it slide this one time, but I'll be watching you! *** And that's how you get out of chores at a woke corporate super store. 馃槒馃憣