Computer-Generated Chess Problem 03194

Consider this 'KBNNPP vs kbbbn' chess construct generated by a computer using the Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate AI computational creativity method. There is no known limit to the quantity or type of compositions that can be generated. Noteworthy here is that a chess position with over 7 pieces could not have been derived or taken from an endgame tablebase because 7 pieces is the present limit. 5b2/4P3/1K1NNk2/8/5b2/1b4P1/4B2n/8 w - - 0 1 White to Play and Mate in 5 Chesthetica v12.19 (Selangor, Malaysia) Generated on 31 Jan 2021 at 1:03:00 AM Solvability Estimate = Difficult If you notice an earlier version of Chesthetica listed with a newer problem, that simply means an earlier version may have been running on a different computer or OS user account. It looks like the solution might involve a pawn promotion. Try to solve this puzzle. Do try some of the others in the series as well before you go. Solving chess puzzles like this is probably good for your health as it keeps your brain active. Nobody wants something like early-onset Alzheimer's. Full analysis: #chess #gaming #art #technology