Good Morning Sunrise : Orange Outburst

#myphoto #sunrise (Tree on Fire 2.0, different photo and point of time, same collection, high quality file and sharper, story below) Thank you for your engagement and the motivation you send with it and for me to aim higher in standard, quality and creativity <3 By coincidence, I stumbled on the data I saved from a SD-Card, back in 2017 somewhere on my hard drive. Different picture of the series and way sharper this time. The photo I used for Tree on Fire was taken from a WhatsApp send folder, compressed to 150kb, as WhatsApp always does. I uploaded it anyway, for the reason it got so many likes and reminds from YOU <3. If you are using the app or a smartphone and only see a small picture, it may not bother you anyway, but I hope it delights you under any circumstances. As gift and surprise (for me too), the sharpest of my shots in the original data containing 2.7 MB of raw energy. Please find Tree on Fire in the comments to compare or just tell me if you see any difference.