Dual-Core Arduino Portena H7 Unboxing: Part 2

With separate cores running at 480 MHz and 240 MHz, the Arduino Pro Portenta H7 combines multi-processor capabilities with the user-friendly Arduino environment we're used to by now. Here in Part 2 of the Unboxing, we will program both the ARM Cortex-M7 and the ARM Cortex-M4 to run side-by-side. We will also adjust things a bit using the time-keeping "millis()" method. 0:32 - Recapping Part 1 1:20 - Basic Requirements 2:10 - Pins are Optional 2:35 - Objectives 3:20 - Programming the M7 5:21 - Programming the M4 6:09 - LL_RCC_ForceCM4Boot(); 7:00 - Delay vs. millis 7:38 - Implement millis on M7 10:05 - Implement millis on M4 10:56 - Closing Remarks 12:09 - Happy International Cat Day! :D FULL TEXT with REFERENCES: SUPPORT US on PATREON: __________ Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer: As of the publication date, we are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, compensated by, or in any way officially connected with Arduino,, Arduino LLC, Genuino, Arduino AG, ARM Limited, ARM Holdings, Google Brain Team, or their owners, subsidiaries or affiliates. Back up any data you consider important! __________ (OPTIONAL) To locate post_install.bat... C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino-beta\hardware\mbed\1.2.0 …where you should substitute "YourUserName" with your own Windows username. __________ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Minds: Odysee: MeWe: Stock Media provided by: Music: Stepping Out (Drumless) - (By: AnthonyAlleeson) Music: Subatomic Particles - Scientific, Medical, Tasking; Percolating, Rhythmic (By: Groove_Committee) Music: Coffee Jazz Lounge (Full Length Loop, No Vocals) (By: Scoreweaver) __________ Important Notice: This video (the “Information”) belongs to and Voxidyne Media LLC. No license is granted for the use of it other than for information purposes. No license of any intellectual property rights is granted. The Information is subject to change without notice. The Information supplied is believed to be accurate, but Voxidyne Media LLC assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness, any error in or omission from it or for any use made of it. Liability for loss or damage resulting from any reliance on the Information or use of it (including liability resulting from negligence or where Voxidyne Media LLC was aware of the possibility of such loss or damage arising) is excluded.

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