ON EVIL I am not a Kabbalist (I am a Theurgist) nor am I a gnostic of any kind. I am probably an anti-gnostic in many respects. I am though a Mystic, and one very interested in the Arcane, a Philosopher, and I am familiar with Jewish Mysticism and Magic (mainly through my studies of Jewish and Christian Magic or Christian Theurgy) and I am a Metaphysician. That being said I did find this theory interesting and worth contemplating, though I think it essentially erroneous (like Gnosticism)… but the underlying concept (that the mechanical processes of Creation might accidentally create evil as a function of continual creation or sub-creation) that is indeed very interesting. That is to say evil might be the result of "the imperfectly functioning sub-creative processes" of less than Divine and of mortal beings and creatures. #evil #Qabalah #esoteric #metaphysics #God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcEEugkkiuQ