Dr. Bahkdi gave an interview , he is one of the german RESISTANCE Budhist , from Thailand , but lived allmost all its life in Germany. He , together with his wife has written 2 Books -- Corona fehlalarm , and I dont know the title of the more recent one. His vids have been ,, as all that tell the truth , censored by eviltube and CO. This videos topic is about the vaccination with special emphasis on children , Audio - english accompanied by visuals I consider important to know and to preserve as a proof for the upcoming JUDGMENT of the , FOTHER MUCKERS ,ZIONISTS,POSTMEDRNITAS,GENOZIDES-PERPETRATORS as I call them ,,, but call them as u want.... But I guess we agree that if somebody deserves a DEATH_SENTENCE -- then its them. Hugh - Resist - no step back - 2 forward---- #covidhoax #genozide #vaccination #gentech #mengele