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@klara_sjo -Swedechan w/ the humor of a dude(mouth of a sailor) very funny, witty and interactive :) @thefilthyarmchair -tism news is a great look into the fucked up world and politic(nice fella) @ghostygirl -Loves big fucking tits and ass(based) @dannica -very sweet funny girl and interactive(if you can understand her language) @timoburnham -Fucking top notch memes m8(will satisfy your meme cravings) @deckenkatze -Very funny, very weird(good weird...I think?) Her cringefest Thursdays are worth it but be warned lol @spiritdragon -Very sweet, very fun to interact with. Has great posts and a great knowledge of history. Also she is sex-THIS COMMENT CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT AND IS NOT ALLOWED FOR THE SAFETY OF MINDS USERS