"I personally, have some experience with the fairly well-worn tradition of creating a would-be masterpiece that breaks new ground in a way that absolutely nobody digs. Complexifying your art and getting away with it can be mightily challenging. It doesn’t help that you can see their point, which you usually can. But what am I supposed to do, you ask, shaking your fist at the stars, record the same album ten times in a row before finally bashing my brains in with a hammer? Why, yes, that is in fact what they want you to do. Literally. Let us know when you’ve secured your hammer, and we’ll write a respectful obituary, they seem to say." That belated Alcatraz flare-up reminded me of this sort of review I wrote of the Saints fourth album, which becomes, by the end, an apology to Chris Bailey.... https://drankf.medium.com/the-saints-the-monkey-puzzle-509e6016aa2a #music #art #punkrock #minds