SOMETHING'S VERY STRANGE ABOUT THIS PHOTO ( Puppets & Puppeteers ) ---------Bullhorn Barry (Opinon) This photo wigged me out when I first saw it. It's proportions & pose is very bizarre, but it's weirder than just that. When I first looked at it, it looked like something out of an Alice In Wonderland Book. Do you notice how LARGE the Bidens look in comparison to the Carters? (that's Jimmy Carter & His Wife sitting in the two chairs) The Carters look like tiny puppets being controlled by the much larger Bidens. Even the way that the Carters are sitting makes them look like lifeless ventriloquist dolls waiting to be controlled by their puppeteers. And then you have the placement of Jill & Joe's hands behind them, like they are puppeteering them. Look, It even appears like Jill is a professional ventriloquist who has pushed the mouth lever on the Jimmy doll to make him open his mouth. VERY WEIRD PHOTO! What do you guys think? Oh yeah, they don't seem too concerned about protecting the elderly Carters by wearing a mask either! Joe wears a mask to a zoom call but not with the frail and elderly Carters? Give me a break! They know the mask is bogus. The mask is the chain that keeps us connected to their perpetual shamdemic. As long as we wear it, they can yank that chain & bring us back into submission. =====MY REFERRAL LINK===== ?referrer=FreedomFighterVictor