[Verse 1-Hell Razah] Knock, knock, who is it? I'm back, stop the gimmicks. I pop pop, the biscuit and shut down your businesses (with #Covid19Lockdowns ). They wanna white-wash ( #LabelPeopleRacists ) scan-copy my image, While I became a menace cause I found my limits. Spit it. Open up the Book of Life ( #GovtWatchlists ) and see my name in it. Same sentence, sure my wagers are death if I ain't live it. Ask the Lord (Jesus Christ) for forgiveness of sins that I committed. Even Solomon predicted, you can't die with your riches. Of course, no pillow talk when you lie with them bitches. Each verse, be worth money like Egyptian pictures. It got worse since the Bush's (#BLMandANTIFA) took that torch from Hitler. Pour out liquor for my dead comrades, ( #TrumpSupporters ), I ain't forget ya, man. A lot of sex, but I'm no Caligula. I'm livin' Hip-Hop. Son, you just a visitor. A lot of faces and the names are similar (DEEPSTATE). I build with the OG's (Original G's, Freemasons) down to superiors, (U.S. Superior Courts, State Rights) yeah... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8XSpUan-sk
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