If you lived by my advice you would have something close to a perfect life. If you followed my example, you would follow me to Hell. It is time I started taking my own advice. I am 43 years old and I have had the closest I will ever have to a spiritual awakening I will ever experience in my life. It has to be, because I won't survive this again. Some might also say I am having a midlife crisis but I never lived any sort of life up until about 10 years ago. Maybe this is my teenage faze. I may have lost everything but my mind has never calmer and my soul has never felt so pristine. I guess this is what "born again" truly means. Like most sayings, they only acquire meaning when you have experienced them for yourself. Thanks for all the likes and comments I missed while I existed in my own private purgatory. I'm done with being negative and whilst my dark satirical and sometimes self deprecating humour has kept me alive through all the shit I put myself through, it was simply a coping mechanism. Just like the drugs were a way to quieten the maelstrom of my mind, it simply stopped me feeling and growing into the person I was supposed to be. Anyway, I love you all and most importantly, I LOVE MY FUCKING SELF!