Not So Independent

Interesting that The Independent's Zoe Tidman felt it necessary to emphasise the two arrests at today's massive anti-lockdown march in London. Perhaps even more so that this event was listed on the newspaper's website under 'Crime': as she states later in the article, one was for a public order offence and the other for suspicion of being drunk and disorderly, hardly major lawlessness for a gathering the Metro estimated as having attracted 10,000 people.* "Dozens of arrests were made at similar demonstrations against lockdown restrictions in the capital in the months before," Ms Tidman adds, as though disappointed there wasn't a full-scale riot. Her colours are nailed to the mast still more firmly by the article's closing reference to "the final stage of England’s roadmap out of lockdown", whilst completely ignoring the strong likelihood Boris Johnson will make that exit dependent upon the introduction of vaccine passports -- in other words, no exit at all. *[Subsequent estimates by those taking part range from 500,000 to 1,000,000. Whichever, it's inarguably the largest demonstration in the UK since 2003's protest against the impending invasion of Iraq.] Link: