Self Esteem

Avoid underestimating yourself. You are a Divine creation. We all have weaknesses, of course, but it is fair to note that we are all on the path of progress. When we face our mistakes, limitations and failures, we tend to lower the levels of our self-esteem with serious damage to our lives. Cultivation of contempt for itself can be compared to a virus that attacks our body, messing up our immune system. Like if we have lost the focus of our true image, that Divine Creature, and we come to see ourselves as an incapable, mediocre person, without no value, anyway, very different from how the Creator made us. We are Divine Creations. Say and feel this every time you feel unappreciated, unmotivated, sick and dejected. Do not identify with your failures. You are not a failure, maybe you just haven't figured out how to succeed yet. Or if you have already tasted success and are experiencing failure, believe you are able to achieve success again. It all depends on the story you are going to tell yourself. It is not wrong to make mistakes. Without making mistakes, the path to success is not learned. We are spirits on the path of progress and we are not yet at the top of evolution, there is still a long way to get there. This means that we need to deal with our perfectionism, overcome it, tame it, because every perfectionist demands more than is capable of giving, and suffers a lot for it, and often demands much more than is necessary for a happy life. Without settling for our falls, we are advancing step by step towards our own evolution. We are all on the way to the light. And whoever is on the way, does not stop walking after taking a fall. Stop talking bad about yourself. Stop criticizing yourself, as doing so will only attract major problems on your way. If you are living in a moment of self-negativity, get out of that negativity as soon as possible. Do something good for yourself through a look of kindness and a word of encouragement "for yourself". That is how the Creator deals with you. That is how the Creator deals with all of us. Don't look so much at your shadow, aim towards the Light. Artwork by Chris Sukut