Insomnia "The day I decided to go to church I had a strange feeling. I had the impression that something terrible was going to happen. An invisible force was telling me not to leave the house. I made my coffee like every morning and went on terrace to enjoy the fresh air while smoking a cigarette.On the terrace behind the house I have two very large armchairs.I made myself comfortable in the red one.It is my favorite. After I finished smoking the first cigarette, I laid my head on my back. I closed my eyes for a few moments to enjoy the chirping of the birds and to let the sun's rays caress my skin. The heat of the sun made me fall asleep. I began to hear voices telling me not to go to church. I don't know who was whispering to me because there was a bright light around me and I couldn't keep my eyes open. When the voices got closer to me and started screaming at me in a strange way, I woke up. I jumped out of my chair scared. I had a cup of coffee in my hand when I closed my eyes to enjoy the sunlight so when I jumped scared I spilled all the coffee on myself. I was wearing my favorite pajamas. I knew the coffee stains wouldn't be cleaned anymore, and yet I kept my pajamas. I went to the bedroom, washed my face, and got dressed to go to church. Those voices screaming at me not to go to church made me more curious than afraid. I decided to walk. The church was very close to my house. When I left the house I felt that someone was following me. I felt a presence behind me even though no one was there. The closer I got to the church, the more I felt. At one point I turned to see if anyone was following me. I felt more and more that someone was behind me. When I looked back, everything was dark behind me. In front of me was day and behind was night. In front of me I could see houses, trees, cars and people, and behind me I could see demons reaching out to me. There were a lot of demons. They made horrible sounds that scared me a lot. I kept going to church. Now more than ever I had to go to church. I couldn't go back. If I returned, it would mean walking through the darkness to the demons. It would have meant going to them willingly, and I probably would have stayed in the dark forever. I arrived in front of the church. I climbed the first step of the few dozen steps that were before I reached the church door. I could barely walk to the second step. On the third step, my body began to refuse to climb. I had begun to climb the stairs harder and harder. When I got to the last step I was incredibly tired. I could barely feel my legs. I couldn't move anymore. I wanted to move forward to enter the church, but I couldn't move. I began to make the sign of the cross. I thought that was how I could get the demons away from me. It was still dark behind me and the demons had begun to make deafening noises, my blood had frozen in my veins. At one point I felt a huge force that simply threw me. Tge force threw me into the dark. The demons had laid their horrible hands on my body. They were pulling on me to own me. " #insomnia #demons #darknes #paranormal