Against the Narrative: Covid Whistleblowers | The Crossroads Show Ep. 3

Support The Crossroads​ ​ Follow me on: Twitter:​​ Minds:​ In this third episode of the Crossroads Show, I take a look at various individuals/cohorts of individuals who have had the courage to speak up against the mainstream narrative with regards to covid. People often dismiss so-called "conspiracies" by saying that if all of this was really happening, people would be speaking out. Well, I am here to tell you that people have been speaking out since the very beginning, but that thanks to a mix of chains of command suppressing whistleblowers and a suspicious lack of mainstream media coverage, most people are simply unaware of alternative views when it comes to the pandemic. Resources: - Giorgio Agamben: Biosecurity and Politics:​ - Broward County nurse:​ - Scottish nurse:​ - NHS vaccine specialist:​ - Dr. Katya Polyakova, Kent:​ - Dr. Polyakova's deleted response:​ - Klaus Pueschel, Germany:​ - Joseph Mercola article on Technocracy News:​ - Pierre Kory, MD, Ivermectin:​ - Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger testimony to German Corona Committee:​ - WHO definition of herd immunity:​ - WHO definition of pandemic change: