Substack post: Why more covid after vaccination? Regeneron vs Ivermectin. Evergreen in Turkish media

I'm applying the ideas from @ScottAdamsSays' book #loserthink to the question "Why do covid deaths surge in areas that do mass-vaccinations?" @MConceptions and @covid19crusher have shown lots of countries getting more #covid death after #vaccination: #Regeneron's antibodies show 81% protection in Phase 3 Covid prophylaxis trial (n=1,505). (the 12 #ivermectin prophylaxis studies show an 88% benefit, n=7,011) How the Swedish FDA is working for big pharma and not the people. Same as in most countries: "Jag har hävdat att Läkemedelsverket inte är en oberoende myndighet, bl a för att det till 79 % finansieras av avgifter från läkemedelsindustrin. Nedan ett utdrag ur Riksrevisionens rapport från 2016:" Documentary from 2018 about WHO: Swedish law passed about stopping money to media that do wrong-think. I'll make sure this will beat them in their own fat useless arses eventually: SARS-CoV-2, the autoimmune virus ANTI-VAXX-PASSPORT STICKER: Mug, sticker and other stuff: Or in Swedish: My content is usually first on: There you can help me spread by content by just liking it! Paypal: [email protected] Bitcoin: 3B8X4n4PU6igzFHSyoPrAEgEuDs871EZ5M ETH: 0xfFc4C89cbDcD486F2AfFcc7a7EB2258491A8a93E XRP: rhVWrjB9EGDeK4zuJ1x2KXSjjSpsDQSaU6 Don't forget: 634290841 Bitcoin Cash: 1PJi7Mv3C52eygA9PejuuFHdXC72NhF9hU SWISH: 0762361967 I am an AirBNB superhost! If you have never used AirBNB, use this link to get a huge discount on your first stay: Use this link if you want to become a host: If you want to get or send any kind of bitcoin, use this link to get 10% discount on all future fees: If you are in Europe, Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, UAE: (You get €10 with this link) For Americans and others: Welcome bonus to Coinbase: