Spotting brain damage on Twitter, and Weasel politicians. Burma = USA? "Journalists"="oppressors"

Thumbnail: That is Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven with his Social Democrat tie. The Three Crowns are a symbol of the Swedish nation and our ice hockey team, but crowns is also what the currency is called "krona" = SEK/crown Swedish state TV: Neither of the "opposition" parties could find any weasel politician that could do an interview and explain why they are against the government's sending of money to EU, but aren't voting against it. What kind of punishment should politicians who give away our money get? I would not do as Linus and suggest lethal injections, but instead I suggest we improve their health so that they can think better and take wiser decisions: 1) Tons of vaccinations for free - All covid vaccines, 4 times each! 2) N95 masks to wear at all times to improve their health 3) And the freedom to not be allowed out after 18:00 o'clock The corrupt piece of shit Carl Bildt gets a top job in WHO: Connection to Löfven's huge donations to WHO? Probably. Intressant verktyg för att se hur insnöade folk på Twitter är: Interesting to see how brain damanged people are I interact with 25% left, 75% right: Really fun to point out how brain damaged people in their bubbles are: The Swedish branch of Reporters without borders demands more censurship from Facebook. Fascist pieces of shit with brain damage: Some interesting graphs about who died of covid in Sweden: Interesting that very old Somalis did well, unlike not so old Somalis. Turkish people in Sweden probably have zinc and l-lysine deficiency due to too much bread/pizza, which make them susceptible against viruses. Demonstration for opening up Sweden on 1st of May. Interesting date which will confuse socialists: "ze" isn't Latin, but fun anyway: "Astra ze neca" = "Kill ze stars!" Ivermectin in Bulgaria: Statement from the military in Burma/Myanmar. Compare with USA: Some links about grounding: Clint Ober The interview in Swedish with Linus Noremalm (who just got a 24h ban from Facebook) & Henrik Wallin - Grounding with Lilian Alterskjaer My content is usually first on: There you can help me spread by content by just liking it! NEW ANTI-VAXX-PASSPORT STICKER: Mug, sticker and other stuff: Or in Swedish: Paypal: [email protected] Bitcoin: 3B8X4n4PU6igzFHSyoPrAEgEuDs871EZ5M ETH: 0xfFc4C89cbDcD486F2AfFcc7a7EB2258491A8a93E XRP: rhVWrjB9EGDeK4zuJ1x2KXSjjSpsDQSaU6 Don't forget: 634290841 Bitcoin Cash: 1PJi7Mv3C52eygA9PejuuFHdXC72NhF9hU SWISH: 0762361967 I am an AirBNB superhost! If you have never used AirBNB, use this link to get a huge discount on your first stay: Use this link if you want to become a host: If you want to get or send any kind of bitcoin, use this link to get 10% discount on all future fees: If you are in Europe, Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, UAE: (You get €10 with this link) For Americans and others: Welcome bonus to Coinbase:

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