And some people really think we shouldn't report these degenerates until "something illegal is posted" Yeah, wait until there's more victims or, since some hide it so damn well, never find out if there's victims. Protect the people who proudly walk around wearing zoo or pedo as a damn badge of honor. And lie saying "We don't harm kids/animals." Because they "love" them. Meaning if they "consent" it isn't abuse. Its a damn tactic. Are some people out of their God damn minds? People shouldn't be this gullible and stupid! They're good at lying. You got people like @hindudindu and me experienced their BS, we know and understand what's going on. You ask, and we'll gladly tell. So don't give us any excuses for these a-holes. @hindudindu please keep posting this sh-t. More people need to see it.

Meanwhile, on twitter: communist zoophile furries having a normal one