There is fact and fiction to this Fact is covid is real and different than influenza It is also a fact that it isn’t any more dangerous than influenza It is also a fact that they are calling influenza ‘covid’ It is a fact this scientist as most scientists are frustrated at the CDC for lying to the public about a disease they never bothered to prove even existed as if they rushed into this to cause engineered pandemonium in the public. Basically he is making a point with this by selecting thousands of samples they received which were called covid and were not covid to highlight his frustrations in the only way he is allowed to. Then he backed up this cherry picked batch of false covid samples by asking the CDC for something he already knew they could not provide due to their sloppily engendered pandemic. In court they call this leading the witness and is frowned upon but sometimes you get so frustrated with people you have no choice if you wish to reveal facts that otherwise are not allowed in the public court. Like lawyers, scientists are not allowed to have opinions or share them if they do. They are only allowed to present facts. Thus he is responding by doing to the CDC what the CDC did to us. Likely they will respond to this by erasing his credentials, usually their go to. A very easy way to discredit a rogue scientist with opinions and frustrations.