From a comment of mine: Science doesn't say there is no God. Some scientists don't believe and some do. Science can't find God in the same way science can't find free will: By definition. Science is the study of observations, and making and testing theories about those observations. It only sees what is predictable, by definition. Therefore it doesn't see God or free will, and it couldn't whether they were there or not. My psych teacher used to say: "Free will is in the experimental error." No psych experiment works on everyone, while physics experiments work consistently. It isn't that psych isn't a science. It is a science that studies beings with free will and so the results are approximate. Although physics is consistent, quantum physics likewise has a non-deterministic factor. Such factors, and I'm sure there are others, are where God is in a scientific worldview. #god #religion #atheism #science #freewill
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