Doctor Seuss would cry, I say If he saw the ways of the world today Indeed the man was clearly woke Were he alive he'd have a stroke To cancel harmless children's rhymes "Egad!" He'd say, "this thing's a crime!" "I only taught some kids to read And now to cancel is the creed!" Yes Doctor Seuss could rhyme all day Almost invented rap some ways But not the kind that refers to drugs Or getting shot by hoodlums and thugs And that's the real reason the pink haired freaks Want to posthumously muzzle his speech It isn't because the good sir was obscene It's because they are all drama queens! The wokels and social justice crew Are marxists you see, through and through And after they cancel all of us They'll be cancelled too and then be trussed Yes in a dystopia they shall be Once gone are both you and me And nobody left shall be to defend Them from a dumb and tragic end!