FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED: I just got back from shopping at grocery for BASIC food to last me through the rest of the month - only had 29 bucks left on my SNAP card, so I'm shopping CHEAP -- 22 cent chili ramen - took a deck of that - 99 cent hot dogs -grabbed 5 packs of those, baked beans to match 'em - got a gallon of milk, the last two loaves of wheat bread for under a dollar, two cans of generic corned beef hash and 2 matching cans of spam. I get to the checkout and I am three bucks over and as I take the two cans of cheap spam back outta the bag, the 38-year-old single mother behind me in line asks me if I wanted them. I thought she was gonna buy them for herself, but I'll be damned if she didn't buy them for me. I just about cried leaving the store. That's the first time in a LONG time anyone has done something like that for me. I thanked the young woman several heartfelt times before leaving, and I think she saw tears welling up in my eyes as she said to me, "stay warm, honey."