To try and help out the art community here I'd like to start the hashtag #ArtFinder. The purpose is similar to the FrenFinder hashtag, for artists to show off their work and advertise for commissions and for people who need artwork or just who like looking at pretty pictures or artists to follow to scroll. This hashtag is mainly for visual art, I plan on doing something similar for other types of art over the next while depending on popularity and if it actually helps anyone. I'd suggest artists show a sample of their work, explain what you do, what you're willing and not willing to do and of course a rough guide on price whether that be in actual money, tokens or whatever else. As this is a hashtag, it will hopefully generate a lot of views over a short period of time before it gets spammed into oblivion by clout chasers so the earlier you can post your ad, the better. If your art is NSFW, make sure it is appropriately tagged to avoid getting strikes. And most importantly, make your own post using the #ArtFinder hashtag, don't post your ad as a comment to this post as I cannot promote comments, only actual posts. Edit: I will not promote any Minds+ posts or anyone who spams on the hashtag. #ArtFinder