"Texans Froze To Death Because Biden Admin Ordered ERCOT To Throttle Energy Output By Forcing It To Comply With Environmental Green Energy Standards" In depth detail of how the deaths of many Texans happened due to Biden ordering ERCOT to not go full energy capacity for the sake of "fighting climate change". Here's a pdf of the order from Deparment of Energy: A friend makes a point, upon sharing that pdf link. ---------- W.E.: Here's the order in .pdf form, as delivered from the Department of Energy to Texas shortly after the state of emergency was declared on the 14th. Reading more into this... the last page contains some suspicious information; THEY HAD AN END DATE for the anomalous jet stream movement that they couldn't properly predict. They're only asking for reports specifically between the 14th and 19th inclusive... like they already knew that the additional power generation that this is at once authorizing and limiting (States need federal permission to up hydrocarbon power production in emergencies? The fuck?) would end on that day. Between this and the snow in Texas specifically behaving in odd ways (turning into brown solid material on the stovetop and sparking in a microwave) and this... it's not hard to guess what happened, which means either they're confident and sloppy, or they're trying to send a message. ------ D.V.: Sounds like sabotage ---------- The conversation quickly turns into the conversation of "weather manipulation". ---------- D.V.: And very clear signs of weather manipulation. ------ W.L.: I don't know that it's "weather manipulation". The Jet Stream is a very well-understood thing. Farmer's Almanacs have been keeping track of it for almost 100 years now. People been using weather balloons and satellites to monitor it for ages. So my guess is that they just predicted the Jet Stream would move along to a new course, same way it typically does after arctic "polar vortex" things. ------ W.E.: I'm not saying the jet stream was changed. The snow in other states behaves normally, it's specifically central and southern Texas where things are looking weird. That La Nina turns it South is well understood, but how far South it goes is always up for question. It's looking like it may have been given a boost. ------ W.L.: Maybe so. Who knows. But I can't make a logical leap between "this happened" and "it was weather manipulation" without some event triggering the manipulation. The Jet Stream is tied heavily to the earth's rotation and the amount of energy given off by the sun. So I think it'd be difficult to manipulate directly. But people have been predicting it's going to be a very harsh, cold winter all of last year, especially old farmers and gardeners who were recognizing bird movements and so on. The fact that they have a specific date for it is odd, but maybe they got that date from the National Weather Service who knew the freeze was coming when the arctic air started moving around with the stream. ----- D.V.: Issue is we already know the tech to manipulate weather exists and has for some time. ----- C.W.: And we have proof those methods of weather control were used to some degree in Texas thanks to social media posts [Uploads a clip of a person collecting snow into a bowl, puts it in a microwave, after a second or two it flickers and makes unusual noises. See comments for video.] ----- W.L.: Hahaha! I think that's just plasma forming in the air pockets of the snow. You can do that by putting grapes in the microwave too. [I have see videos where if you try to microwave a grape, it has an odd effect on the microwave.] ----- W.E.: And I'm not saying it was a big thing. We can't do big things yet... but giving an existing weather pattern a few hundred miles of boost by lowering local air pressure and temperature, and providing particulates for condensation? That we can do. That's something Bill Gates has been putting research into being able to do for decades... which is hilarious because the reduced sunlight and the prioritization of solar power do not gel well at all.