Aces and Eights

Ha! I guess I did re-do the poker hand shot. This is the infamous Aces & Eights hand, which led to Wild Bill Hickok's death.'s_hand As for the shot here... I was told once that for the best drama in an image, it's best to capture the moment right before or right after something happens. In this case, the game is 5-card stud. You see the 4 up cards, but you don't know what's in his hand. You can speculate whether or not he's going to turn over an Ace, an Eight, or garbage... but you can't know in this moment. There is an inherent tension, a moment of drama that this kind of image will capture. Will he? Won't he? Technically, it's just a man at a poker table. If you freeze time at a different point, you don't capture the same moment of drama. That's the real trick of this image. Telling the story in a single frame where the tension is at the highest. And that's what maeks this one a little more fun. Rendered in Daz3d, post-work in GIMP.