The Big Tech Exodus - Version 1.31 Rob Braxman on the dangers of big tech (Show this to as many people as possible): Odysee link:!-(Worse-Things-Coming):0 Invidious link: Youtube link: The Great Reset "You Will Own Nothing & You Will Be Happy": Website for finding alternative software: Google is an evil corporation: How to delete your accounts on Big Tech Platforms: Prism Break: Social Media Alternatives: Instead of Twitter or Facebook, use a Pleroma/Mastodon (Decentralized) instance: (front-end mirror for twitter) Decentralized (Federated): (List of based servers) (List of based servers) Normal or Cucked Federated Servers: Federation Software for Self-Hosters (click me): Centralized: Instead of reddit, use, ruqqus or saidit: (front-end mirror for reddit) (front-end mirror for reddit written in rust) Instead of Instagram, use PixelFed: (front-end mirror for Instagram) Instead of tumblr or wordpress, use Pocketnet: Messenger/Communication/Email Alternatives: Text-based Messaging: Never use garbage like Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, SMS or Discord. Nothing you do on those applications is private. Telegram isn't much better. Always favor applications that have strong encryption, an open source code and run on a decentralized network. Great tier: Jami: (Peer-to-peer, open source, easy to use, strong encryption, multi-platform, great choice) (use it with a VPN, Orbot or a DHT Proxy) Briar: (Peer-to-peer, even more secure than Jami, maximum privacy, routed through Tor, Android only) Session: (Decentralized servers, open source, strong encryption, very secure) XMPP: (Galaxy-brained choice if you self-host) For XMPP Server Software, consider Prosody (Guide) or ejabberd For XMPP Client Software (apps), consider Conversations (Android), Gajim (Windows/Linux Desktop) or God forbid, Siskin (iOS) (Make your iPhone-using family & friends use Siskin or ChatSecure) Okay tier: Wickr: (Very private and strong encryption, but closed source) Tox: (Peer-to-peer, but highly experimental protocol) Threema: (Very secure, Centralized, popular in Europe) Who needs the internet for chatting? Beechat: More information: Chat Servers: Never use garbage like Discord under any circumstance, and more importantly, NEVER DOWNLOAD THE APP. It's spyware and fiercely pro-censorship. Consider the following alternatives for privacy, security and decentralization): Element: (Read about Matrix here) Cool Element Servers: RocketChat: (More for productivity and collaboration, but some prefer it to Element) Mattermost: (see RocketChat) Mumble: (The best voice-chat software, very easy to set up) Guilded: (Not private, and not great, but extremely similar to Discord in functionality, while not being Discord. Divide the market) If you absolutely must use Discord, use it in your browser (especially Ungoogled Chromium). Do NOT download the Discord app under any circumstance. It will spy on your running tasks Video Conferencing: Instead of Zoom, use Jitsi: Email: It should go without saying but never use Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoomail, Yandex or any of those other big-name Email providers. They can see your emails, and will look through them if they ever need to. For unimportant things like forum registrations, consider free, disposable email services like Mailinator or MailDrop, or temporary email services like MinuteInbox or 10MinuteMail. For more important exchanges, consider one of the smaller, privacy-focused providers below, and if you can, use email encryption software like GPG. Email Clients: Never use Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail, and try to avoid Mozilla Thunderbird. Consider: Claws: K-9 Mail: (Android) Rainloop: (Supports Nextcloud integration) KMail: Evolution: Fixing your Internet: Browsers The Best Choices for the future: Web Browser: (Fork of Pale Moon) Why? Because it doesn't depend on Google or Firefox for updates. With Google and Firefox growing increasingly anti-freedom, forks based on Chromium and Firefox become increasingly difficult to manage. Pale Moon? The developers are complete shitheads. They are also growing increasingly anti-freedom. Instead of Google Chrome/Opera, use Ungoogled Chromium: (Marmaduke build) Bromite (Android): (In the privacy settings, turn on 'Do Not Track') Min: (Remember to turn on ad-blocking for all sites) Otter: AVOID BRAVE. Prefer Firefox? It's spyware by default, but you can mitigate it in the settings and the about:config page. Make sure you read these articles: Alternatively, you could download a hardened user.js or LibreWolf, a fork of Firefox without the spyware. Don't get Waterfox, it's trash. Tor Browser: (Excellent privacy, not every site will work, but a great option to have) Further reading: Table of Browsers ranked by spyware: Digdeeper: Essential Browser addons: (Best adblocker by far) (Look for the "Latest release") (Always uses https when possible) (make sure to turn on "Encrypt All Sites Eligible") (Protects you against tracking) (Re-directs you to the front-end mirror for big tech sites. For example: it converts twitter links to nitter links) (Deletes your cookies automatically when not in use) (Make sure you enable Automatic Cleaning) (For userscripts. Use ViolentMonkey, avoid Tampermonkey) To install extensions in Ungoogled Chromium, download the .zip and extract it. Then in Chromium, open Manage Extensions, turn on developer mode (top right), click Load Unpacked, and open the FOLDER you extracted. (for uBlock Origin, it should be called "uBlock0.chromium") For Privacy-Redirect, load the "src" folder. Instead of Google Services(drive, account, etc), use Disroot or Librem One: BEST OPTION: Setting up a Home Server with Nextcloud (see Home Server stuff below) Instead of Google Search, use Gigablast, Searx or Yacy: The Best options: (very based) The rest: (at least it's not google) Instead of Wikipedia, use Infogalactic, Everipedia and Citizendium: Instead of Youtube, use Freetube, Invidious, BitTube, Lbry/Odysee, DTube, PeerTube and Bitchute: (can watch youtube videos without being tracked) (very based app) (can watch youtube videos without being tracked) Decentralized (Federated): * Instead of Amazon, support small, local businesses. * Instead of Ebay, use OpenBazaar: Instead of Twitch, use DLive or Trovo: Movies/TV/Media Streaming: Never pay for any subscription-based service like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max or any of that crap. Self-host your own Media-Streaming server using Jellyfin, Plex or whatever server software you like: Combine it with Sonarr, Radarr, Jackett and Deluge so you can fetch any Movie/TV show you want: (Make sure you mask your IP before using) And if you have a Usenet Provider: (Usenet is recommended over public tracker torrents) Usenet requires indexers. You can start off with limited free ones like abnzb and NZBFinder Setup Guides: Deluge and Sonarr/Radarr (Text Guide): [Part 1: Torrent Client Setup] [Part 2: Sonarr/Radarr Setup] [Part 3: Using Sonarr/Radarr] Video Guide: [Deluge] [NZBGet] [Sonarr] [Radarr] (These are for Unraid, but can be applied to other operating systems) (This guy makes great tutorials in general) Jackett: Text Guide (Another Text Guide) Video Guide Instead of Spotify, use Funkwhale or Soulseek: Instead of uTorrent, use Deluge, Transmission or ruTorrent: (install it from your distro's repo) DNS: Never ever use your default DNS, Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS. Always use a secure, encrypted DNS protocol like DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS. Make sure whichever DNS provider you choose records no-logs, and doesn't censor. (read the privacy policy) If you don't set up your own Pi-hole, consider a provider with built-in adblocking. Some good options: LibreDNS: BlahDNS: Snopyta: NixNet: UncensoredDNS: More information on DNS: Domains/Hosting: Never use garbage like Godaddy, Bluehost or Google Domains. They are all pro-censorship and anti-freedom. Consider Epik as your Domain Registrar. They fight strongly free speech and provide excellent service: And read this Guide on how to host a website securely and correctly: Self-Hosting Software: VPN: There is a lot of debate regarding whether or not most people need a VPN, particularly with the increased adoption of the https protocol. If you decide to buy a VPN subscription, make sure it meets the following criteria: Based outside of 14-eyes jurisdiction ( Has a strict no-logging policy Has a built-in killswitch Has strong encryption (EG- OpenVPN with SHA-256) and PFS Allows torrenting Allows crypto payments Read more: Why you probably don't need a VPN: Check your torrent IP: Home Server stuff: Ultimate Getting Started Guide: Beginner-friendly and affordable: ODROID N2+: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B: Freedombox: (privacy-focused) Server OS: Unraid: (Fantastic, beginner-friendly OS, but not free) Godly tutorials too: OpenMediaVault: (Debian-based OS, good media server) TrueNAS: (Beast, high hardware requirements. Not for beginners) Other options: Ubuntu Server, Rockstor, Debian, FreeBSD, XigmaNAS, Xpenology, openSUSE, Fedora Server Avoid overpriced commercial NAS like Synology or QNAP, unless you're extremely lazy. Whatever you choose, get Pi-hole: and add some blocklists: Server software: Nextcloud: [Official Site] - [Documentation] - [MariaDB] - [Video Tutorial (Unraid)] - [Video Tutorial for making it accessible outside your home network (Unraid)] List of Self-Hosted Software: Any questions? Make sure to ask Misc Alternatives: Using Windows? Run WindowsSpyBlocker: Using an Android Phone? Get your apps from FDroid: Instead of the Google Play Store, use Aurora or APKMirror: Instead of Google Drive/Onedrive/Dropbox/iCloud, use Nextcloud: Instead of Google Maps, use Openstreetmap: Instead of CCLeaner, use BleachBit: When posting article links to any website, archive it then post: Higher Level Security (for those wanting to take the next step) Instead of Windows/Mac, use Linux: (for testing distros in a VM) Recommended Beginner Distros: Zorin: PCLinuxOS: Mint: elementary: (for those coming from Mac) Ask in the thread about what distro is right for you. Also, make sure to ask: De-Googling your Android Phone: De-Appling your iPhone: Instead of iOS/Android, use a nice clean AOSP-based ROM with built in signature spoofing like CrDroid, Arrow, etc: Maximum Security: Buy a used/refurbished Pixel 3a/3a XL to install GrapheneOS on: [Pixel 3a] [Pixel 3a XL] Watch this: Alternative memes: Private, Secure PCs/Laptops/Phones: Privoxy: Encrypt your files: (ONLY USE THIS ON GNU/LINUX, and make sure your internet is turned off while encrypting) Instead of fiat/paypal, use decentralized cryptocurrencies. Even better, use anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero, and anonymous P2P exchanges like Bisq: Instead of using your router's default firmware, install a secure, open source firmware: Urbit: Instead of the Clearnet, use the Darknet: Using these is perfectly legal, just remember to avoid illegal activity. Tor is not a honeypot. Mandatory reading: How people got caught on Tor (and what you should learn): Filesharing: Intel Management Engine and why it's bad: (Is yours vulnerable?) AMD is bad too: Disabling Intel Management Engine (Autism required): Alternatively, buy a computer compatible with Libreboot: Purism and System76 have disabled Intel ME on their products. Improve your security: PrivateBin - Because ignorance is bliss