I only mildly care out of curiosity whether Chinavirus escaped from a lab. What's more concerning to me is that the concerted alliance of mainstream media, tech companies, and Democratic party has decided there is only ever one allowed narrative about anything; it is always theirs and questioning it is heresy; and it's one they decide on immediately without getting any or all of the facts first (often they've already written the narrative BEFORE anything even happens). Then when they're eventually proven wrong, which is most of the time, they wait for a politically expedient opportunity to all do a 180 together and suddenly pretend it was actually everyone else who was wrong the whole time. But all the people and lives who were wronged by the establishment accusing them of WrongThink, fringe conspiracy theories, and sedition get no apologies or exonerations, they remain "canceled". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s43MJgdYUBg