By Ingrida Indane My soul has temporarily found a home in my body, so the soul must cooperate closely with my body to have a long term learning experience. If I look at it from a dual perspective, I can recognize my inner and outer world. When I focus on my inner world, I feel it as a limited space filled with blood, organs, and life that makes my heart beating, and my skin separates my inner world from the outside. My inner world also includes my physical sensations. However, my thoughts, feelings, and emotions only begin in my inner world. They do not recognize boundaries but radiate energy far beyond my limited body. When I started focusing on the outer world, there was only silence in the beginning. Then suddenly I felt as if someone was calling me. There are many sacred objects brought from different parts of the world in my room. I had a feeling that these items were suddenly addressing me, but I didn't hear any specific words. It was more like a sound or different vibrations. The outside world was trying to communicate with me in this way. As I focused on my breath, I fully felt how it connected my inner and outer worlds. Besides, I realized that there is a higher force that makes my body breathe. Suddenly, I realized very clearly that my body makes me aware of duality - in this case, the inner and outer world. The soul lands down in the body, the body separates the inner and outer worlds, and I must develop both of them all life long. It is the lesson of my soul on the Earth. When the breath ceases, duality disappears. Oneness remains. The life of the body on Earth is finished. The inner and outer worlds become one again. But the soul has become wiser and can move on.