Bill C 10 The End of Free Speech In Canada Plus April LaJune America In Peril.

The Canadian government since Justin Trudeau took office has done nothing but assault and destroy the people that they are supposed to protect. Justin Trudeau is the most unqualified world leader in the office today and considering that the Americans now must tolerate Joe Biden, that is saying everything that you need to know about Justin. In Canada the government does not like free speech. In Canada the government likes to threaten, falsely imprison and steal from any conservative or question who has a pro-Canada view on life. Justin Trudeau is introducing BILL C-10 to parliament which will force people like me who broadcast on the Internet to acquire a licence which will of course be denied because I do not share liberal viewpoints. This new law that he wishes to make will essentially turn Canada into a liberal-opinion only land where you will have no rights to speak in any way in any medium. This is very dangerous legislation that is being proposed and it has to be stopped. I am also joined in the second half of the show by April LaJune a 30 year veteran of American journalism to discuss where America could possibly be going under the new Joe Biden administration which we know is a defacto and illegal government. Kevin J. Johnston - - DONATE TODAY! In case YouTube shuts us down, ALL our videos are on WEBSITE: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: MINDS: RUMBLE: PARLER: GAB: VK: PATREON: MEWE: IDW: BRIGHTEON: BRIGHTEON.Social: GORF: TWITTER: I AM DONE WITH THEM! YOUTUBE: I AM DONE WITH THEM!