The grocery store chain owned by Anthony Longo that holds his name up on the building continues to agitate, aggravate and threaten their customers. Anthony Longo seems to believe that he is above the law. Anthony Longo is not above the law and nor are any of his managers and nor are any of his staff in his grocery stores. He has threatened his staff with being fired if they don't criminally harass and intimidate people so he is a criminal. If he doesn't like what I'm saying about him, he can sue me and then I can question him on the stand about why he feels he's better than me and all of you. This time in Toronto, Anthony Longo made it clear that his managers should harass someone else, which they did and that someone else filed a lawsuit which we served in this video. In Canada, you cannot be a bigot, nor discriminate against people based on their health conditions and when someone tells you they have a health condition that prohibits them from wearing a diaper on their face, you should leave them alone. Well, since at the Longo did not leave people alone, Anthony Longo is going to pay the price again, and again and probably again. Kevin J. Johnston - - DONATE TODAY! In case YouTube shuts us down, ALL our videos are on WEBSITE: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: MINDS: RUMBLE: PARLER: GAB: VK: PATREON: MEWE: IDW: BRIGHTEON: BRIGHTEON.Social: GORF: TWITTER: I AM DONE WITH THEM! YOUTUBE: I AM DONE WITH THEM!