ALERT Google Play sent Minds a 24 hour warning. Our response app was accepted into the store based on our interim solution and ninja developers, but we had to remove major functionality from that version of the app. We did the same on iOS for obvious reasons. What is happening on the internet with major providers is fueling the cultural divide as much as anything.  A MASSIVE overhaul of mobile messenger is coming this quarter including group chats, file sharing, e2e encryption, federation and much more. The old school one is being ripped out completely.  A MASSIVE overhaul of the mobile wallet and token rewards is coming this quarter as well and both are able to remain.  We had to remove search, discovery and comments. I know. We aren't happy and will be working towards something better. What is fascinating is how Signal and Telegram are navigating this and in my opinion they are still there because they are encrypted messengers without much 'public' content. Obviously controversial speech is happening there too. It is key to maintain access to the the stores because hundreds of thousands of current users are currently installed there. We recommend everyone download from us. If you are on Apple, leave if you're smart.  We will be releasing a full report on our plan for fully censorship-resistant infrastructure. For those asking about Amazon, don't worry, we have multiple escape pods ready to go. Multi-cloud kubernetes cassandra cluster with terraform. Get the the full version directly from Minds at :) There's also a solid mobile web app. #minds #exodus #censorship #freespeech