The court order for MI Secretary of State Benson to turn over evidence related to the November election should be big news, but instead, they choose to heap praise on Dirty Dana Nessel, the Michigan Attorney General, as they continue to stonewall and threaten people like DePerno for standing up to tyranny: DePerno sent a series of tweets about the case: 1. Yesterday in Antrim county, Judge Elsenheimer largely overruled SoS Benson’s objections to discovery and ordered her and her office to produce large amounts of information regarding the 2020 elections. 2. Michigan’s state-run media ignored this part of the hearing but instead declared victory for Dana Nessel. Having now reached out to several reporters, I have learned that the document production issue was not deemed news-worthy (i.e. must be hidden from public view). #News #Michigan #Stopthesteal #voterfraud