As should be fairly obvious, I'm signing up for everything because I don't know what's going to be left standing by the end of 2021. I mean, Mad Max was set in 2021. On that point, it was @katybarnett who pointed out that after Twitter's initial US-directed "MAGA/QAnon" purge, people with no real interest in US politics would voluntarily leave the platform (an ongoing process) or diversify. She and I have gone down the "diversify" route so here we are. Give her a follow/subscribe, she's smart & interesting - full professor of law at Australia's leading uni (Melbourne University). Completely understand people decamping altogether, though. The only thing keeping me on Twitter is that I'm a "blue tick" (nothing to do with me being a columnist, I was verified thanks to winning a big Australian literary award for one of my novels) and have a reasonable number of followers.