Friends, I dreamt about the alien invasion and it was not pretty. Who knows if this is the next card The Predator Class will play, but if you were paying attention in 2020 and 2019 they have been subtly releasing details about alien life and crafts from other worlds. As a child I was obsessed with aliens and UFOs. I have seen 3 in my life. As I have grown and learned more about the government programs and concepts like Project Bluebeam (fake alien invasion) I have become more skeptical of these pronouncements from the media and government. Either way, what I saw in my dreams did not go well. The "aliens" (and whoever they were working with) killed many people, rounded up others, and allowed some of us to live under one condition: humanity was no longer allowed to procreate and populate the planet. I don't know what this dream means, but I pay attention to my dreams and visions. I know there are lots of opinions on what aliens are (interdimensional, intergalactic, "demons", machine elves) and others who think space isn't even real (yes, there are those who believe this). Personally, I know there are aliens from other planets and I think the question is how long has the government known and how long have they been collaborating together. What do you think about the prevalence of more alien and ufo talk recently? What do you think about the fact that most people don't even seem to notice?