0:00 Lin Wood: Judiciary Compromised by the CCP Attorney Lin Wood sat down with Crossroads’ Joshua Phillipp to talk about the 2020 US election. He claims courts are dismissing evidence of election fraud because the judges are compromised or threatened. He also alleges that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is ultimately behind it. 3:27 Lawsuit To Block 5 States' Electoral Votes A new lawsuit is seeking to block the counting of electoral college votes from five contested states when Congress meets on Jan. 6. The suit was filed on Tuesday by the Amistad Project. It seeks prevent Vice President Mike Pence and Congress from counting votes from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin until their state legislatures are able to meet to certify the votes. 5:29 Six Republicans Reject Stimulus Package Every Senate Democrat and nearly all Republicans approved of the $900 billion dollar stimulus package. But six Republicans, including Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Rick Scott voted against it. Paul called it a monstrous free-money bill. 7:06 Senator Loeffler Says She’ll Stand Up to China Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler held her last campaign event ahead of the holidays. She says her team is looking for every legal angle to ensure the runoff election is secure. NTD asked people how they feel about the security of the upcoming election. 10:12 US & South Korea Claim Similar Election Fraud South Korea held an election on April 15. The party of the incumbent president won an unprecedented majority in their National Assembly. Soon after, claims of fraud arose in a few key areas. Some Koreans claim bad actors played a role in rigging their election. We look at 5 ways these claims mirror alleged fraud in the U.S. general #election .