I have some thoughts for all of the Newsmax watchers out there...So you have a Full Spectrum of Consideration... I was just listening to a Mr. Reagan Video (whom I trust) and he said that Newsmax IS a Good Resource. I have given them a listen but I'm still listening to OAN over any other...though I do take resource from all of them. I will say...My gut is just funny...but hear me out. (If you have time or care to) I'm just putting these thoughts together in this moment. I have NO Proof (Yet) just a gut instinct. I would certainly have to investigate... Having said all of that... Fox News knew they were going to call AZ for Biden and they would call it before they even called Florida. They admitted they expected their ratings to tank on the morning of the election. There was this guy, Rob who used to be on Fix News in the 4Am Show...He's over at Newsmax now. This could mean 1 0f 2 things... Either Rob has had it with Fix since they were infiltrated, Donna Brazile, and Biden's Former Chief of Staff is the VP of Fox now...Fix News also has a soft spot for Soros...It's become Obvious that Fox has been Infiltrated... Oooorrr... what if People at Newsmax are somehow invested or conjoined with Fix News or the Deep State Side...and They were planning to Fool America into Trusting Newsmax now because they Knew they could lose FIX Viewers...Just chorale all the sheeple over to Newsmax What if they put Rob there as a Familiar anchor to grow trust among the Fox Viewers Migrating to new Resources... What if they are giving us the Illusion of it being our Decision to go to Newsmax, but it's still the same Deep State Operatives Manipulating the Masses and the Sheep just Follow... I'm Listening to OAN because I Trust President Trump, and he said OAN. So those are just some things to ponder as you take all of this in... It's conflicting, I know...I just had to share my personal reservations...I am skeptical...I have no proof that Fox and Newsmax are 2 sides of the same coin....I have not investigated the connection...yet. I'm just putting these thoughts together. Certainly you can decide for yourself. I'll share this too...So you can take it all in as you decide. I like to have the option of more information than less myself. "The CEO of the right-of-center publication Newsmax reportedly pledged $1 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Chris Ruddy, the Newsmax CEO, has reportedly been “friends with the Clintons since 2007” and “last year pledged $1 million to the Clinton Foundation over a five-year period.” Ruddy told the Journal through a spokesman that though he felt Hillary Clinton would “make a great presidential candidate,” the donation was not an endorsement. Lsat year, as Bloomberg News noted in its profile of him, Ruddy launched “NewsmaxTV, a 24-hour cable news channel that will be, he says, a kinder, gentler Fox.” “Our goal is to be a little more boomer-oriented, more information-based rather than being vituperative and polarizing,” Ruddy told the outlet." https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2015/02/19/report-newsmax-ceo-donates-1-million-to-clinton-foundation/