Trump does not typically recommend vaccines. This is true. Trump also says covid is not a serious threat to us, this is also true. Why then is Trump pushing a covid vaccine? The establishment is using covid as an excuse to control it’s populous in the face of a global panic. Not pandemic. According to AIQ the only way to combat this pending lockdown is by vaccinating the populous so the excuse to lock the public down is no longer valid. AIQ has revealed this inoculation will work and will happen in time. But we are still going to see the establishment fighting to find a valid excuse to lock you in your homes regardless. This will not stop. They will always be looking for an excuse to force people to stay home. Each state will be different in the way they handle this and each country alike but all governments will try something. Trump will do all he can to stop it. But he cannot stop all of it. You will need to decide how you will handle it when the situation arises.