ORGANIC FOOD / ORGANIC FLU .... YES ORGANIC F L U UPDATES: 11.20.20 Read below.... first, If your NOT getting sick when you get the flu shot...is that "virus" alive or even present in the shot? If you get a shot with a dead virus, your body does NOT need to fight it, because it is NOT invading your cells to reproduce, hence no symptoms, and hence no antibody production. You NEED living viruses for your body to recognize "something" it has to fight, thus creating anti bodies, and you feel sick, to some degree. And if you get the shot and then get the flu, you just paid to get sick! (and to get all the other stuff in it!) Stop and think about this...*** IF YOU EAT ORGANIC FOOD BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT ALL THE CHEMICALS AND WANT TO BE HEALTH .... WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT THE ORGANIC FLU, BUT INSTEAD WANT A SHOT THAT HAS THE FLU PLUS OTHER CHEMICALS??? **** UPDATE : 11.20.20 Florida is having a problem with snakes...and they are trying to figure out how to get you to eat them...with MERCURY IN THEM!!! "A study performed nearly 10 years ago found that Everglades National Park pythons carried up to 3.5 parts per million of mercury, nearly eight times the 0.46 parts per million recommendation set forth by the EPA." https://www.foxnews.com/science/florida-officials-consider-eating-burmese-snakes UPDATE : 9.23.20 Now Fauci is saying "Early studies in animals and in human Phase 1 and Phase 2 indicate that individuals induce a response that is comparable to, if not better, than natural infection." OKAY....so he said it him self "THE RESPONSE IS COMPARABLE TO NATURAL INFECTION"! SO....why get the vaccine and have the virus in your body FOR EVER along with all the other chemicals. If you do not get the vaccine, then you may never get it, and you defiantly will never get all the other chemicals!!! Read the article : https://www.foxnews.com/politics/coronavirus-vaccine-timeline-dr-fauci-covid-19 Please re-mind and share this thought...people really need to think about this. No-one WANTS to get sick, but I would rather get sick without all the chemicals!!!