I feel we are all going thru a massive shift in perception. That, huge parts of our identity complex are combating this upgrade, and as always with every structure of belief, the whisperer becomes agitated. The Ying Yang of higher self/ Terrestrial self have not talked, not meaningfully, in a long multigenerational time. As we slip out of the dark age, as we modify the contract of Karmic debt, we change everything about observance. There is no reference to live this equanimity of energy state and physical state. There is a constant slow enhancement of changes being embodied in our DNA, and our water is washing the old pattern away. But the embedded memory of these GTCA placings clings to the chain. Spontaneous evolution was never described as an easy painless process, it was never described at all. Empire erased all those records, all the ancient ascension documentation the Vedic writings speak of, they are now, and our human bodies and perceptions suffer greatly from touching these freedoms. Ours is not to wonder why, ours is to do, and die. Die away that which no longer serves. Feel the agony of transcendence. And, after the DEC 05 shift rest a bit from this vigorous scrub brush. For the informational attack we are feeling by trying to live the 1000 eyes and 1000 hands is sometimes excruciating from within Western Culture. The strong must lead from some as yet unfelt meddle. The aware must coach the living forward, into their destiny. The Empath must define the container of reality to be resilient and ever present to life. This training ground we the few have undertaken requires broad shoulders, full of love, full of grace. We must watch tremendous suffering and offer hope, deep feeling persons must redefine self as energy to bear this. It's clear the task masters would destroy before just fixing and accepting the guilt. Pride goeth before the fall, and so many things have shifted. Too much to honestly talk about, but one thing is guaranteed.... This too shall pass